Album Artwork for the mix if you so choose.

WEEK TWO: Track Listing

  1. Gold Digger - Kayne West, Jamie Foxx
  2. Me, Myself & I - De La Soul
  3. (19-2000 - Souldchild Remix) - Gorillaz
  4. Turn Down for What - DJ Snake, Lil Jon
  5. (Express Yourself - feat. Nicky Da B) - Diplo
  6. Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic
  7. (Turn It Up/Fire It Up - Remix) - Busta Rhymes
  8. Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest

Overall Structure: 31 minutes

  1. 5 minute walk, <gong> 
  2. 3 minute jog <ding>, 90 second walk <ding>, 5 minute jog <ding>, 2.5 minute walk <ding>, 3 minute jog <ding>, 90 second walk <ding>, 5 minute jog.
  3. <hooray/cheers> 5 minute walk. 
  4. <chime> Done!

The running structure comes from they even have an App if you are into those.

You can download the mixes with or without the sound cues. The image above has been designed to work as album art if you so choose to use it.

NOTE: This mix runs about 30 second long after the final <chime>