TSUNAMI : Over and Down Seatown

Bumbershoot was kind of enough to ask S.E.A.T. (www.experimentalanimation.org/)  to have an animation exhibition at their 2016 Arts & Music Festival.

The selected theme was "Animation Disaster". Tsunami's were at the forefront of my mind since The New Yorker had the DOOMS DAY article on the lack of Seattle's readiness for such a disaster. Which I believe to be true…we're phuck'd…anyhoo.

I work best when I have music to feed off of and for this piece I ended up with "Get Ready" by Antonio Sánchez from the Birdman soundtrack. I love the free flowing sporadic percussions and the clashes. Some many juicy textures to play off of! Oh man, I get amped just writing about it.

At some future date I would LOVE to work with a drummer/musician to create an original piece of work for me to animate to.