Third Time's A Charm - Short

A trickster being chased by a mob of goombahs and how three luck charms change the dynamics for all involved. 

No better to learn a new skill then to give yourself an impossible task and jump in with both feet. The journey of making this piece was the reason for the piece. Frame-by-frame animation has always been an illusive dark art form with plenty of books and videos showing you how to do it but it never makes sense until you sit down and go through the steps to create something. I can say that frame-by-frame animation is not for the timid artist out there, but damn, when you see the life that you create from a shitload of drawings; it is truly magical. 
I am glad to be done with this short and very eager to start on another one. 

Credits: Director : James Webber
Animator: James Webber, Miles Worthington
Sound Design: Miguel Angel Lopez de Nava
Foley Artist: Pavio Castaneda

Many thanks to Loaded Pictures for giving me the time to expand my artistic palette.

Here are some of my blog posts about the production of my first animated short.