The Process of Room106's Art Auction Piece 

Hi All, 

Here's where we started.  A little Pin on Pintrest that could be fun for our Band of Merry K/1sters.


Here's the Execution:

James explained how he "cut out" using " fancy computers" to move their hands from just peace signs to stars.  He even had time to demo making a star.  The kids were so psyched!

Here's how the images originally looked after James photographed them.

Then here is a demo of Kai's hand all "cut-out".

Kids watching the demo:

Then James showed them his inspirational images of making stars look cooler in the sky than on a blank background.  Some wonderful images of the Milky Way and some Glitter being blown about...  show the light moving.  They thought it was pretty cool.  

Here was the question -- how do you make sure you have the whole universe of stars on one paper AND fit your name.  They really thought and thought about it.  I pulled out some "night sky" and sticker stars.  They got so busy making their own layouts.  Hopefully, everyone got to see what was brought home.

Working on Layouts:

We then started showing the kids the different stages of Exploration James did on the canvas to get just the right Sky and different ways the hands were placed to get to the final product.  I wish I'd had a recorder for their comments on this Sky Exploration: "cool", "woah", "is that the Infinity sign", "that's so sparkly", "can you combine all 3 together", "is that blue or purple"...

James explained: The background and all over the piece, he used the little Dots like they did.  It takes a lot of time to make so many dots doing such different kinds of work.  At this point, James showed a Vision Color Test... it's not just the numbers, but numbers made of dots.

Vision Color Test:

In process:

The big reveal:

The kids were great during the presentation, asking a lot of questions and dived into their version of a starry night. I can thankfully say that there was a loud "WOAH" from the kids when I unveiled the painting and hopefully you will have the same reaction when you see it in person.

Thanks again,

James and Amanda Webber

**Spoiler Alert**

What Kai accurately noticed, the biggest thing about stars is that they glow!  We took the kids got to go in groups to check out the picture when it Glows.  I hope they told you about it.  James and I were not able to get a good image.  Erin (the Art Coordinator) said she's going to give it a try with her photography person.