Pompadours are in vogue, I guess…

There is a new anime series–Space Dandy–coming out from the creators of Cowboy Bebop and what does their protagonist have…drum-roll…a pompadour! "Ah Crap!" I say. Mainly because this series will be out for several months before my "pompadour" protagonist's very small debut. Hopefully I can ride on the coat tails of this awesome looking series. A man can hope…

Here is a little write up on Cartoon Brew.

Here is the Japanese trailer for the series.

Animating @ home.

Animation has moved to home. With Loaded Pictures being busy during the day animation arm of Lucky Charms has moved home for the late night animation sessions. Compositing will still be handle in the office. So the duties are going to be split up via location which might actually help keep my focus on only singular tasks instead jumping around    .

Onward and upward from here. 




Minor update…on Lucky Charms

Pavement to the face!

Pavement to the face!

So animation is hard…really hard. It also takes a long time to do anything, especially when you are starting out like me. Anyhoo, I have a little looping teaser of a little kitty landing after mighty fall. Once again, thanks goes out to Loaded Pictures for giving me the opportunity to full-fill a lifetime desire to cell animate something.

Hope to have mini preview of this mountainous venture of mine at the beginning of the year, so stay tuned. 

Gotta love that squatch-and-stretch principle.


Some early run cycles

Here is a couple of run cycles that started off the animation process for this short. These are the first run cycles that I have ever done and I would say they turned out decent. I am sure that I won't be saying that 2 years from now but as of right now, they seem passable. 

The reason they are in Red, Green and Blue, is so that I can isolate and change the colors in post. That is a little trick for the newbies out there.




First Pass of Storyboards

I think this is the first time I have actually drawn all the storyboars of a story idea that I had. It ended up being 78 postcards in total with about 10-15 throw-away cards. For me that was a feat. A feat that I am hoping to get more experience with, so it isn't such an arduous process.