Couch to "your" first 5K mixes // The Complete Set

Lord knows that all of us desk jockeys could use some more exercise. Here is 9 weeks of mixes with all the stage notifications included in the mixes. Each mix has its own page with the structure of that week's run with tracklistings and download links for the music and album art. Fair warning, these mixes were made for my wife so the music as been tailored for her ears' tastebuds. If you are feeling adventurous, download the mixes and get started to your first 5K…and hopefully beyond.

Thermos graphics

Look at this design. Are you going to put some hot soup or some cold spaghetti in this bad boy? It doesn't matter, this will keep what is hot, hot and what is cold, cold. Great fucken design, so fun. I noticed the forks when I took the photo but it was my wife that told me about the spoons.