Chain-a-mation 8: Halloween 2016

Reaching back to fall 2016 for this one. I got to participate in a Chain-a-mation project, #8 to be exact. Each participant got exactly 48 frames to animate something around the theme of Halloween. There was only 2 requirements: one is a strict color palette and two, you have to build off the last frame of the previous participant. I was lucky enough to have had a possessed house to start with.

Below is a time-lapse of my work process. About 8 hours condensed to 9 minutes.

Meal Face Series: The Face Licker

Continue on the theme on adding faces and or human traits to food items, I present Face Licker. He always finds himself influx between blueberry-algae and sweet astro-orange Tang.

This little guy loves to hang out at Full Tilt Cream in Ballard. When he is not asking his handler to shove more quarters into the pinball machines or the Japanese import Street Fighter arcade, he is up at the ice cream counter asking for more than his fair share of samples.

Face Licker

We have Picture Lock!

Holy Moly, we have Picture Lock on this little short that just won't quit!!! Pete is so excited about this that he left his crotch over there.

He left his crotch in El Segundo.

He left his crotch in El Segundo.

Now it is on to music and sound design. Two parts of the process I have never done before. Hopefully it won't take another 2 years to finish that.

Sweet lordy these side-projects take a long time to finish.

Mayhem in the back alley

Don't you just hate being chased by transparent red Goombas, I know I do. Don't worry; it will all be fixed in post. I do like the look of this Layer/Effects mixup, maybe for another project…

Animation by Miles Worthington. Background & Compositing by me.

Inking the mayhem in TVPaint.

This week's animation goal:

Met last week's goal and now it is onto this week's goal:

  1. SC_175
  2. SC_190
  3. SC_200

2014/01/28 : Goal not met…a crap…the 2 easy scenes turned out to be doozeys. Time to double down!

Mid-coloring process of Scene 190 (TVP Animation)

Some early run cycles

Here is a couple of run cycles that started off the animation process for this short. These are the first run cycles that I have ever done and I would say they turned out decent. I am sure that I won't be saying that 2 years from now but as of right now, they seem passable. 

The reason they are in Red, Green and Blue, is so that I can isolate and change the colors in post. That is a little trick for the newbies out there.