Those Coronas didn't stand a chance.

It was a hot summer day in Manhattan. I was working at a little studio that was in the Chelsea neighborhood, I believe on 28th and 10th. It was on the 5 floor of this old warehouse building. Fun fact: on the third floor is a fashion designer and leading up to Fashion Week in NYC, it would not be uncommon to get into the elevator with some un-naturally beautiful models hoping to be picked to model the fashion designer’s wares in the designer’s upcoming gala.

Anyhoo…back to the memory.

At the time this studio did not have an AC unit so it was as hot as hell up in the studio. I was working on a Sears job that was all 3D After Effects camera moves and it was quite a beast to get right. Plus I was taking over another person’s project and we all know how that goes. Not well, for those who are not in the know. So this job was taking me into the night since we had to make a milestone for the following day.

That night in the studio it was me and another animator. The other animator was an intern from London and he was quite green but very eager to help out on whatever was needed. He decided to stay late to either help me out or work on another project but needless to say I was not in the greatest of moods. I think about 8 o’clock or so I decide to crack open one of those 12 Coronas that the studio had bought earlier in the week.

A little over an hour later and two or three Coronas later, the intern being a proper British young remarked that he couldn’t watch me drink alone and decided against his better judgement to join in in the consuming of Coronas. Needless to say by about 1 or so in the morning we had finished our work and also polished off the last of the Coronas. I was feeling rather proud and drunk of myself, as was the intern.

The following day the owner of the studio, walked over to the frig, exclaiming that he was in the mood for a nice cold Corona and when he opened the door to the frig he stood there rather dumbfounded and remarked, “Well I guess I won’t.” Both the intern and I glanced at each other and didn’t say a word.

Sorry Josh, I owe you a case of Corona.