A weathering existence.

Since I have started learning Substance Designer and Substance Painter, I have been fascinated by the weathering of objects. The weathering seems to give life or at least an existence to an object. I found an old PacMan arcade machine and the weathering on it tells me that it was used heavily in the past and that it is still kicking. The fact that the left side of the machine is more worn than the right tells me that more right handed people played the game. Whenever you hear production artists speak about their designs being influenced by the story it is details like this that make a world believable.

This also reminded me of a saying I heard Humphrey Bogart said to the make-up people when they wanted to smooth out his wrinkles and scars on the movie The African Queen. "The hell you will cover up my scars. I earned those scars and want people to see them!"