The perfect arch

Yesterday morning,

I entered the bathroom stall to the sight of some leftover buckshot on the back of the toilet bowl and being a gentleman I thought to myself, “I would prefer to not have that there when I sit down”. So I pressed the flush button to hopefully rid the bowl of the leftover buckshot. To my surprise the cap to the flush button went flying off in a perfect arch and swoosh, there went the cap into the flushing toilet. The spring that was under the cap was trying its best to follow the cap’s gracefully swan dive but lacked the finesse and went unceremoniously bouncing onto the toilet seat, which give me just long enough to have the thought; “I can at least save the spring!” Which was quickly followed by, “What the fuck are you thinking?!” At which time the spring torpedoed itself into the flushing toilet.

Today is going to be a good day…