The new society

I have recently started a new contract at Amazon and I am in the building near the Amazon Spheres. Being in that area for about a week now has given me time to have some thoughts on how Amazon has truly shifted Seattle. Up to now I have stayed on the fray of this tidal wave.

This is like the .COM era on serious crack. Of course I am sure this is how Bellevue and Redmond people felt during the 90's with the serious expansion of Microsoft.  But to be experiencing this first hand is a sight to be hold. 

It makes me wonder how Seattle will be in 20 to 30 years? How will this affect the outlining neighborhoods? How will this new architecture age? The 90s condos that were all the rage during the .COMs are already looking sad and dated.  Of course they looked sad and dated when they were built.

This new downtown architectural structure reminds me of midtown Manhattan. They have included sections for public spaces to explore and hang out.

 This song by Aesop Rock summons up my thoughts quite well.