A bad taste in their mouth for next month's rent

You go to a restaurant because they are known for having great food but half way through the meal you realize that your water has been empty for a while and every time the waitress/waiter comes by your table they don't make eye contact. That great food doesn't taste so well and when the check comes you are feeling even worst about your restaurant choice. Will you go back? Only if you have no other choices is my guess.

I recently had a friend hire an artist to produce some animation for one of his jobs and he was very pleased with the artist's work but the artist's rapport with my friend was very combative. My friend was fine with the work but I loved his comment to me that this artist was not interested in form a working relationship. The artist was only viewing this job as a paycheck and nothing more. That might work in the near future but will ultimately damage any further opportunities.

Are you damaging future opportunities only to pay next month's rent or are you building a relationship to provide many months of rent. It might require more work upfront but that is a small price to pay for future opportunities.