There has been quite a few things hanging out on my honey-do-list and after accomplishing a couple of them, I felt so empowered to get to the studio and start hammering out some stuff that I had been dragging my feet on. It is funny to think that by accomplishing stuff at my house would inspire me to finish or at least start stuff at my studio. I always viewed those lists as separate efforts. Whenever I was at home doing stuff I thought I should have been at the studio "grinding it out" and always felt guilty but after today I have a very different outlook.

This reminds me of David Allen's Getting Things Done. We all have lists rattling around in our head and he preaches the discipline of getting everything out of your head so you can concentrate on the immediate task at hand. Today was not exactly that but I did have one home to-do list rattling in my head and tackling a couple of the big items on that list definitely opened up more space in my head to think about other things and imparted some endorphins to make me feel empowered to finish more things and to take on bigger to-dos. I do write down lists but for some stupid reason I figured I was smart enough to keep all things at home to-do's inline. Dumb! Just write it all done and get to marking them off.