Yesterday being Father's Day and after watching that talk on The Third Industrial Revolution last week, I really got to thinking about personal legacies and mankind legacies. Hell this blog is a sort of legacy, except when I stop paying for the URL and then "poof" the legacy will end, haha!

As of now I think my legacy with my kid will be, "he loved his work and he loved me". Notice the work being mentioned first. I feel that will be my legacy to my kid. Art first, family second. I go back and forth with being ok with that and not ok with that but hopefully I am showing up enough to impart a positive image of what a good human being should be. I think that is why I want my art to serve a bigger purpose than just providing a financial means for the family.  With my kid's allowance, they get $2.00 spend, $2.00 saving and $2.00 share. Once they get enough in the share jar they get to choose what organization they want to put that money towards. It is time I start doing that with my work. Time for me to start eating my own words.