The professional knows their limitations.

I was totally down for making my first mobile game only because my friend said that he was down for helping me out. I knew I didn't know good game mechanics and I definitely knew I didn't know how to code but I thought I could do the character designs. After struggling with just the ideas for competitors I knew I needed to at least look for some reference styles that I might want to work from. In that process, I of course went right to my friend, Dustin's Instagram feed and I instantly knew that I needed Dustin to do the designs. I never got around to asking Dustin if he would be cool with doing the character designs. But…the great thing after I committed to not doing the character designs and only handling the animation, I felt a great weight lift from my shoulders and a great calm came over me. Plus I felt energized about the project instead of dread.

The trick for me now is going to be able to bring that thinking to my PSA shorts. I know I can handle everything but I know it would best to illicit some help with these. I have plenty of people I can ask to help me out but I just don't have the guts to ask them since I know I could technical do everything. Except for audio. There is no way I am going to do the audio, I tried that on my Third Time's A Charm short and wow, it was horrible. I lucked out having a friend put my in contact with a sound designer that rocked it out for me. I think my biggest resistance is thinking that everyone will of course say "no thanks" which of course would not be the end of the world but man, it seems soul crushing from where I am right now.