Super interesting talk

I just got done watching this talk today and it really shook me. It really made me take stock in what I have been doing with my free time and what would be the legacy I would be leaving behind and also what example am I being for my daughter.

Previously, like a couple of weeks ago, I was jazzed about making my first video game which is going to take me about 4 years and I just found myself thinking if that is the best use of my skills and time after listening to this talk. The pursuit of making the video game, is ultimately a rather selfish endeavor, even if I believe people would get some laughs and enjoyment out of it.

I feel that my skills of being an animator and designer would be put to better use in the service of educating the masses of organizations or movements I want to align with on a moral level. There are already plenty of awesome video games to entertainment us, distract us from the world around us. I am much more interested in helping to disrupt and educate people of all the meaningful endeavors going on as we speak.

Of course I still might make that video game but for now it is on the back burner.