Pyxel Edit: my new favorite app

I got introduced to this application, Pyxel Edit yesterday via a tweet and I am quite stoked by it. It is being developed by one guy, Daniel Kvarfordt. For only one guy developing this app, it seems great and well thought out. I have just started using it and I am also VERY new to creating pixel art. I have used Photoshop a little bit in the creation of pixel art but it was not intuitive or fun. Plus you have to change some pretty big preferences in the application to make it really work for pixel art. Which is fine if that is all you are creating but that is not me.

My first impression of Pyxel Edit is that it is a mini slimmed down Photoshop for making only pixel art. I watched a short series of tutes by achebit on Youtube and I feel ready to attack this pixel art making stuff.

The main reason I am excited about this app is because the game I am developing is going to be rendered in pixel art. My partner first suggested doing our game in a pixel art style and I wasn't too keen on it for whatever reason but now I am totally stoked on this style approach.

I will post some of my first pixel art explorations as I get them done.