Adam Beckett

I was introduced to the art of Adam Beckett (AWN article on Adam Beckett) via a Mixed.Parts post. Holy shit, my mind is blown. He was killing it with the weaving loop animations and this was back in 1972. I was introduced to weaving loops from Caleb Wood. I remember Caleb Wood, mentioning that he was introduced to this concept in art school but I forgot specifically where he heard about it. I think he might have been introduced to Adam Beckett’s movies…

At the bottom of this article are a couple of weaving loops that I created. They are some serious amateur-hour animation compared to Caleb’s or Adam’s but it is a start. I think I might try to integrate weaving loops to my mobile game’s backgrounds.

What I love about weaving loops is the economic approach. An immensely dense and evolving animation can only be 5 seconds long but has the potential of engaging the viewer for as long as that viewer wants to explore all the nooks and crannies of the animation. I liken it to a moving painting or narrative that has no beginning or end. An infinite loop that leaves the viewer choosing where to jump into a narrative and where to leave. Making a passive piece of art a little more interactive.