Let it ride

Hanky panky ranky salad days are here again. For you it is all a big fuck around. nappy dog let it haul. here we are and they we be nosotros, sonotros, vosotros, ellas of the people speak. Let it flow let it roll and here we are again. REd brick corner house, abandoned and lustful for the squatters taking. Tall grass empty your glass let it be for all to see and do doody. Late night hauling and howling is the place to be with the cream donuts supremes. are we still be being for real of the realzies and happy bees buzzing free on the leaf and on the petals of true thinking and being. Snoozing snoring and all that glorious poring pouring souring trowing bien gracias ella yo soy Marcia or Clark. Fish fertilizer and the sores on the sores of pock marked arms and feet. Leave the sheets and the shins they are here to be froze on the cold side of lifey dice.

Back when I introduced to the Beat poets and a local poet Steven Jesse Bernstein, I got really into this stream of consciousness writing. This was also around the same time to Beck's Mellow Gold album came out. I always do it handwritten since I am not the fastest typer but I did this session typing and it turned out ok. There were a couple of spots that I stopped to correct spelling and second guess what I was about to write which is not ideal but was ok this posting.

I always found it to be a great way to get the creative juices flowing and it was fun to see if any happy accidents would happen which might become the basis of a piece of art.