A mountainous goal lined with diamonds.

I have a goal, a very lofty goal. At least that is how I see it. I want to make a video game. A mobile game to be more accurate. I have never made a mobile game. I don’t even know the first thing about how to make a mobile game. Thankfully I have a friend that has decided to go on this journey with me. He also has never made a mobile game before. The same friend that 20ish years ago decided he wanted to try making a video game and would love to have me help him. Needless to say that video game did not get made.

The reason why his video game did not get made was because I got distracted by a very large diamond that presented itself during the beginning stage of the video game’s development. My friend and I went to a presentation for After Effects that was being held at a local placement agency. The presenters wanted to show off what they were doing with After Effects and what some other studios around the country and Europe were also doing with After Effects. We went thinking that this will be a great opportunity to pick up some workflow tips that we could then apply to the production of our game. It was about halfway through the presentation I think I finally realized I had not blinked and my chin was on the floor. I was gobsmacked. I was speechless. My mind had an Akira explosion going off over and over again. I can recall this moment as if it was yesterday. I leaned over to my friend and uttered the words, “this is what I want to do for the rest of my life”. To which he responded “I know…I know.” And just like that, my life trajectory changed overnight and our game’s progression stop on a dime. An undeniably LARGE diamond had distracted me from the goal at hand.

So what does that have to do with me wanting to make my first mobile game. Diamonds! Diamonds! It is all about the bling-bling nowadays. All those shiny things that keep us from getting up that mountain that has that goal we so desperately want. In the long run that life changing night was a good thing for my life and for possible future video game making possibilities. I learned the principles of animation, storytelling and branding, which are needed skills for creating video games. But nowadays there are so many more diamonds/shiny things/distractions to pull one’s self away from that goal that they so want but fail to reach. Take me for example. Right now, I feel like I need to be posting something on Instagram and Twitter, everyday; even though I never have. Mixed.Parts has a monthly creative challenge that I feel like I should be participating in, to get more industry eyes on my work/me. Let’s not even get started on all the forums that are out there that I feel obligated to at least browse, even though I rarely add anything to the discussions. Diamonds! Diamonds! And they are multiplying daily. It is that environment and that headspace that I have decided to start creating my first mobile game.

Will I make it, I think I will but it is going to require a major mind shift and I hope this blogging will help with it. On this mountainous journey to my goal of mobile game creation and beyond, I am going to be blogging on a daily basis to help me be present in my journey and to have a journal to look back on to help me exam my process and maybe even myself.

Plus Seth Godin says it’s a great practice and he knows a thing or two.