Better more than More

Watching this discussion with Simon Sinek and Seth Godin, they hit on the topic of More vs Better, which struck a cord with me. Mainly because I was in the middle of making these Instagram animations based on the 12 Days of Christmas. All of that might sound just fine to you. But I know the real reason why I was doing these animations and it was because I thought it would be click-baity and a distraction from the work that I know I should be working on and was too chicken to commit to.

You hear everyone saying more, more, we want more, which isn't a bad thing unless what you are putting out only skin deep material which keeps you from committing to something deeper and more meaningful. I go through waves of thinking that I have to be posting constantly to be relavent in the larger world, which is complete shite and it's a practice that I don't even do. This of course makes me feel guilty and instead of doubling down on a bigger project that I should be working on, I divert my energies to these pointless projects that only feed the guilt and procrastination in me.  

So I plan on doubling down on one of my big projects this year and saying NO to all those other requests from my inner voice.