My last video experiment before leaving Dallas. GoPro on my rear bumper and a trip around the Deep Ellum blocks. Video processed in After Effects with the kaleidoscope filter and some "very" heavy handed color-grading with the Colorista Suite. Sit back and trip out for three minutes. **As a Dallas bonus, I even got the DART at the end. Happy accident.

A coworker let me borrow his macro lense and this is what came of it. Audio is from the fabulous Hanna soundtrack. AUDIO : Chemical Brothers - Hanna Theme check it out:

Whenever there is a setup for a shoot I try to take full advantage of it. REELFX was testing out a lighting setup for a shoot and I just had to do something with it. So I grabbed a trampoline and had Kevin Althans shoot some photos of me(no one else would do it) jumping on the trampoline. This is what became of that shoot. Roto : Ian Johnson //  Audio : Snippet from a Diplo mix.