F-BOMB 2019

“There are times you should avoid the f-word. But then there are times you should revel in it, explore all its expressive potential. That’s the basis for FBOMB animations.”

The phase above was the general basis given for this collaborative project. Heather Crankof Crahmánti Design invited me to submit an animation to her fun little project F-Bomb. It was also supposed to be 5 seconds and loop. Well…f-bomb…that didn't happen. I got this idea in my head of using each individual letter in the word FUCK as a basis of creating a couple of vignettes that had a setup and then a payoff. The payoff being less than ideal.

The original inspiration for this approach was my memory of the alphabet vignettes on Sesame Street. Kids saying the letter and then a short animation showing the letters. So with that in mind I thought it would also be great to have kids do the VO to add a wholesome overtone to the piece with the visuals being lowbrow.

This was the first time I played around with Garage Band and I found a cool Organ setting that I thought would be great for this piece. My setup for syncing the audio with the visuals was rather ghetto but effective. I had the animation looping on my laptop while I had the iPad on my lap trying to do real-time instrumentation to the visuals. It was effective enough for my uses but I wouldn't recommend it.

This was also the first project that I tried doing 80% of the work on my iPad Pro. The ability to work mobile was the main reason I was able to ultimately finished this project in a reasonable amount of time. I made sure to have my iPad Pro with me at all times so if I had an extra 20 minutes I could easily put in some production time. General concepting and the two backgrounds were executed in Procreate. The first pass of animation was done in Rough Animator.

Some Procreate process videos

Some Rough Animator first-pass animations.