Hitchcock and Psycho

Last night I had the great pleasure of seeing Psycho followed by a Sneak Peek of Hitchcock. All I have to say is, awesome. I had seen Psycho before but only on TV and that was probably on my 32" tube TV. It was incredible seeing it on the big screen with the sound turned up loud. The shower scene truly is scary especially with the music that they put under the picture. All of the subtle facial looks and glance that were lost on a small TV were clear to see and enjoy and really did add a level of enjoyment to the movie.

Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock

Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock

Next up was Hitchcock starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. Man, Mr. Hopkins just kills it in this movie. I was worried that his persona would get in the way of being Hitchcock but I couldn't have been more wrong. Almost immediately I forgot all about Mr. Hopkins and only saw Mr. Hitchcock.

Helen Mirren who plays Alma Reville was fabulous too. She has a scene towards the end of the movie that just commanded your attention and was portrayed with such passion and feeling that I was left as speechless as Mr. Hitchcock was.

2 thumbs up on both movies and if you are able to see Psycho before seeing Hitchcock, I definitely would.  It will add that much more to your Hitchcock watching experience.