Wreck-it Ralph is a fun watch.


Wreck-It Ralph

Being a kid that grew up LOVING to play video games, Wreck-it Ralph was an enjoyable watch.  It would definitely hold up to another watch just to try to catch all the small details that the Disney team threw into every scene.

I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you have a soft spot for video games.

Poster illustrated by Jeff Turley for  Paperman

Poster illustrated by Jeff Turley for Paperman


To top off the experience they were screening the Paperman short in front of Wreck-it Ralph.  That new technique that Disney is working on, looks very promising.  There was some parts where the 3D and the CG strokes didn't seem to meld perfectly but I am very excited to see where this technique goes from here.

UPDATE: you can see the full short online now. YOUTUBE link.

Here is a link to a movie showing the process of a shot.

A Youtube video with John Kahrs, the director, discussing The Idea for the short.

A Youtube video on The Look of the short, as described by John Kahrs, the director.

A link to some rough sketches for Paperman

Another article showing how Paperman was created.