Bend Design Conference 2018

Bend Design Conference is all about empowering designers and thinkers to not be afraid to think and act boldly in the name of social good and progression.

Bend Design Conference gave me the opportunity to animate something for their video wall. I used this opportunity to make an abstract narrative of the creative process.

First there is the initial spark of something which then explodes into a whole mess of experimentation and testing. Followed by the compressing and refining of the idea which is also stress tested and flexed. Ending with some last minute tweaks and possible course corrections and then the shipping of the final product.

I also helped them out with creating a logo animation for use on their social media outlets.

Here is a little bit of the process to get to what you saw above.

Some good old fashion pencil and paper sketches.

These were the first round of fleshed out explorations for a logo resolve that they could use for whatever they might want.

The initial feedback was that they liked Option D and E, so whichever I thought I would prefer to produce.


As you saw above I executed Idea D for the logo resolve and fleshed out Idea E a little more to used for the video wall. Overall it was a fun and rewarding assignment and great opportunity to do some After Effects animation and also some painterly tradigital animation.