Caricature by  Dustin D'Arnault

Caricature by Dustin D'Arnault

A little bit about James Webber.

With 19 years of experience there is not much James Webber has not been part of or seen in the field of broadcast design and animation. He got his broadcast design and animation start and foundation working at DIGITALKITCHEN for 6 years. During that time James took projects from conception to completion in the worlds of broadcast commercials, network branding and Movie/TV show titles.

Feeling the drawl of New York City, James spent 3 years freelancing with various studios. Further expanding his work experience and quickly being sought after for high-profile projects that needed well-rounded 2D animators with strong design sensibilities.

Projects that he has worked on have been seen around the world, produced for world-wide agencies and Hollywood studios. One of the projects was nominated for an Emmy and another is part of the permanent multi-media collection at the MOMA.

James is currently located in Seattle.

Feel free to email him at