30 Seconds of Visualized Sound

There is nothing like started a project with some awesome sound design or music! Simon Pyke of Freefarm Audio started a little side project back in 2015ish. 4 times a year he uploads a 30 second track and he welcomes any artist who is inspired and able to finish a piece by the deadline to do something. I missed Edition 5 but I was ready for Edition 6. He dropped the track and I went to work.

I had no preconceived idea going into this. I wanted the soundtrack to be the main driver of the piece. So, after listening to it on repeat, I started getting flashes of images and overall concepts. The concept that seem to stick around was "constrict and release". The track starts with this airiness but quickly goes into a sense of being constricted, like a metal coil continually being tightened. The audio space then expands greatly only to be followed by a heavy thud and a full-body drone, ending on this dark molasses of a tone. So in other words, it had great contrast to feed off of.

A short progression of the first shot of the short.