Better more than More

Watching this discussion with Simon Sinek and Seth Godin, they hit on the topic of More vs Better, which struck a cord with me. Mainly because I was in the middle of making these Instagram animations based on the 12 Days of Christmas. All of that might sound just fine to you. But I know the real reason why I was doing these animations and it was because I thought it would be click-baity and a distraction from the work that I know I should be working on and was too chicken to commit to.

You hear everyone saying more, more, we want more, which isn't a bad thing unless what you are putting out only skin deep material which keeps you from committing to something deeper and more meaningful. I go through waves of thinking that I have to be posting constantly to be relavent in the larger world, which is complete shite and it's a practice that I don't even do. This of course makes me feel guilty and instead of doubling down on a bigger project that I should be working on, I divert my energies to these pointless projects that only feed the guilt and procrastination in me.  

So I plan on doubling down on one of my big projects this year and saying NO to all those other requests from my inner voice.

Like a pebble in the river.

Walking around the local super mall in Puerto Vallarta reminds me of my time in Japan. 

Being surrounded by a whole world I don't understand and being ok and feeling fully at ease with it. It is very much like my freelance experiences. I let the newness surround and engulf me and then I chameleon into whatever best suits the situation.

Hamilton Woodtype Museum

Hamilton Woodtype Museum is located in Two Rivers, WI. It is a functioning museum, which means that they hold workshops in the museum and you get to use the equipment and even the woodtype. At last I pretty sure that you get to use the woodtype. Hopefully I will have the opportunity in the future to test out that theory.

A little known fact about Mr. Hamilton. After making a good profit from doing woodtype, he branched out into other industries. Mainly office/dental furniture at the start but moved into residential furniture and appliances. Hamilton created the first commercially available natural gas powered clothes dryer. (I believe it is the second to last photo)

Over the land that I will drive.

I caught myself realizing that I will be driving my new car right under the path of this plane. It is a little surreal to look out a plane and see the highway you will driving on in a matter of days. This moment happened to be around Detroit. I am looking forward to seeing the Cranbrook Art Museum.


Songs of lust and lost

Music has such transportable qualities for me. These are a few that stand out in my mind that remind me of various beginnings and the endings of relationships.

1993 : Primus/Tommy The Cat - PIL/Disappointed


1997: Trainspotting Soundtrack/Slippery - Tool/Forty Six & 2


2000: Roni Size/Brown paper bag - Beth Orton/Trailer Park (whole album)

The perfect arch

Yesterday morning,

I entered the bathroom stall to the sight of some leftover buckshot on the back of the toilet bowl and being a gentleman I thought to myself, “I would prefer to not have that there when I sit down”. So I pressed the flush button to hopefully rid the bowl of the leftover buckshot. To my surprise the cap to the flush button went flying off in a perfect arch and swoosh, there went the cap into the flushing toilet. The spring that was under the cap was trying its best to follow the cap’s gracefully swan dive but lacked the finesse and went unceremoniously bouncing onto the toilet seat, which give me just long enough to have the thought; “I can at least save the spring!” Which was quickly followed by, “What the fuck are you thinking?!” At which time the spring torpedoed itself into the flushing toilet.

Today is going to be a good day…

Killing time,

Murders Opportunities.

Saw this on a marquee outside of the store. Well said. I have personally murdered a lot of opportunities.

Angry Bangs

Angry Bangs, Angry Bangs, Sweet Big Mario Angry Bangs. Why do you give me that expressionless face? All I want is small glass of that sweet pinapple jalapeno margarita juice. You have cracked a smile and even a glint but I am not sure what I did for that. Was it the fact that I said "hell yeah I want that spice salt rim". Maybe we got off on the wrong foot when B and I were having a friendly lively discussion about which VO version of AKIRA you were playing. Don't think cross if you thought we were dissing your comments. We were too wrapped up in what we were discussing. I hope your schedule never changes and I can rely on you everytime I enter your establishment until the days of my immovable age. Angry Bangs.

On the 29th

Middle of August, late, atmosphere thick with forest fire haze. I am staring at my city from a height I never thought I would see her from. From inside a building I thought would never exist. It is so quiet in here at 8:30 at night. The neon lights of the Elephant Car Wash glows with a warmth that the haze seems to match. It seems calm and tranquil next to the 3 Police cars with their lights flashing red and blue. A stoic reminder of a city that is going through a metamorphosis that no one knows how it will be in 10 to 20 years.


The new society

I have recently started a new contract at Amazon and I am in the building near the Amazon Spheres. Being in that area for about a week now has given me time to have some thoughts on how Amazon has truly shifted Seattle. Up to now I have stayed on the fray of this tidal wave.

This is like the .COM era on serious crack. Of course I am sure this is how Bellevue and Redmond people felt during the 90's with the serious expansion of Microsoft.  But to be experiencing this first hand is a sight to be hold. 

It makes me wonder how Seattle will be in 20 to 30 years? How will this affect the outlining neighborhoods? How will this new architecture age? The 90s condos that were all the rage during the .COMs are already looking sad and dated.  Of course they looked sad and dated when they were built.

This new downtown architectural structure reminds me of midtown Manhattan. They have included sections for public spaces to explore and hang out.

 This song by Aesop Rock summons up my thoughts quite well.

What are you working on?

If you work hard on your job, you can make a good living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.

A new flavor combo favorite.

On my flight back from Boston last night I discovered a new flavor combo that I am loving.

(Heineken x Blood Mary Mix) + Cheezits on the side.

I believe Cheezits has an extra toasted version that would take this over the top. I will have to try that combo at my friend's house, the man who introduced me to Red Beer and the extra toasted Cheezits.

Headrest movie watching.

When I am not making the preverbial "view the plane from seat" drawings I love to watch movies that are playing on other people's headrests.

It gives me the opportunity to concentrate purely on the visuals. How does the editor pace the various scenes. How does the director or DP frame shots? How does the colorist set the visual tones for scenes? How well do the actors portray their emotions.

Give it a try if you haven't. It is a fun exercise.

A bad taste in their mouth for next month's rent

You go to a restaurant because they are known for having great food but half way through the meal you realize that your water has been empty for a while and every time the waitress/waiter comes by your table they don't make eye contact. That great food doesn't taste so well and when the check comes you are feeling even worst about your restaurant choice. Will you go back? Only if you have no other choices is my guess.

I recently had a friend hire an artist to produce some animation for one of his jobs and he was very pleased with the artist's work but the artist's rapport with my friend was very combative. My friend was fine with the work but I loved his comment to me that this artist was not interested in form a working relationship. The artist was only viewing this job as a paycheck and nothing more. That might work in the near future but will ultimately damage any further opportunities.

Are you damaging future opportunities only to pay next month's rent or are you building a relationship to provide many months of rent. It might require more work upfront but that is a small price to pay for future opportunities.

We get paid

For bringing value to the marketplace. Whatever that marketplace might be.

I got hired at Digital Kitchen because I was able to bring value. Not much value in the beginning, which is why I didn't get paid much. That changed over the course of 6ish years. Ultimately I was laid off because I had stop bringing as much value to the company as they were needing from me at the pay they were giving me.  It took my first freelance job in NYC, 5 months later, to realize this. I did not stay humble at Digital Kitchen. I was not looking for ways to improve my skills and my thinking. I was too busy thinking that they owed me my pay purely based on how I improved during those first two to three years of my employment. So my growth had stagnated those last three to four years, while thankfully, my pay had not. That made my thinking shift from self improvement to self congratulatory. "DK is so lucky to have me. I helped them become the studio they are now." I might have played a small part in getting them from unknown to well known but it is actually, I was at the right place at the right time and I was DAMN, lucky.

For the later years I became more envious of my co-workers that were getting to work on all of the cooler jobs while I was stuck doing the bill paying jobs. I become a passive observer of my career trajectory, I blamed my falling stature in the company on everyone and everything except for myself. I became cynical bastard and my work most likely showed it. What I needed to do was speak up and ask questions of how I could be doing a better job, how I could be bringing more value to my position in the company. Of course I didn't. You can't grow from a place of anger. I was too scared of all the doomsday scenarios in my head coming true. That false fear kept me from progressing and ultimately lead to my failure.

Backyard zoo cage.

It still amazes me that some people would find being in a backyard patio cage enjoyable and actually a reasonable option. It seems that if you feel that you have to separate yourself from your surroundings you should probably find new surroundings. Just saying…