Mayhem in the back alley

Don't you just hate being chased by transparent red Goombas, I know I do. Don't worry; it will all be fixed in post. I do like the look of this Layer/Effects mixup, maybe for another project…

Animation by Miles Worthington. Background & Compositing by me.

Inking the mayhem in TVPaint.

Progress is being made!

We had a big job in house that ate up Miles' and my time for the past 3 weeks but Miles is back on the case and kicking butt. …and I am just trying to keep up with him… The end is in sight, even if it's still a little ways off.

 Scene 350 : WIP

Scene 350 : WIP

And then there was two.

Things have been moving along on Lucky Charms. I have been experimenting with the visual look of Luck Charms along with flushing out the background renderings. About two-thirds of the animation is in-the-can with only about 15 scenes left to animate. This is where Loaded Pictures' new intern, Miles, steps in to help push this project to the finish line. Miles has recently graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, specializing in cel animation. He will be handing the rest of the character animation, giving me the ability to concentrate on the backgrounds and the holistic look-and-feel of the piece. I am super stoked to have Miles on this project. In the first few days he has already animated about 3 scenes. Yeah for help!

three charms in his sweaty palms.


Taken from a featurette about Under The Skin

…you start with a feeling and then you grow images out to try and describe that feeling and then you try to turn those images into a story…

``Jonathan Glazer

Well put Mr. Glazer.

Happy third day of Spring!

Check out this fun little Vine for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I got to animate on concrete with some sidewalk chalk. It was fun to get away from the computer to do some large scale animating.

 Pete is involved in some  unwanted  yoga.

Pete is involved in some unwanted yoga.

Things have slowed dowwwwnnnnnn…

I started realizing that I was burning the wick at both ends; which never leads to good results. I have since slowed down on the production of this short, in favor of more sleep–aiming for 8 hrs a night, since I am no longer the young pup–and putting some more attention to work-work since Loaded has a few jobs in production that have character animation in them.

One thing that I have changed is my approach to the animating process. Previously I was starting a scene and finishing the scene before moving onto the next one. I was original thinking that was a good approach to keep me with the feeling that SOLID progress was being made. I have changed that thinking to do the rough animation for the remainder of the scenes before going back to ink/fill and composite the scenes. I feel this will keep my animation-flow flowing which will (hopefully) lead to better animation and quicker production. At least that is my hope.

In the meantime check out Loaded's Winter 2014 Reel. There is a couple of unreleased Lucky Charm scenes in the middle of the montage.