Chain-a-mation 8: Halloween 2016

Reaching back to fall 2016 for this one. I got to participate in a Chain-a-mation project, #8 to be exact. Each participant got exactly 48 frames to animate something around the theme of Halloween. There was only 2 requirements: one is a strict color palette and two, you have to build off the last frame of the previous participant. I was lucky enough to have had a possessed house to start with.

Below is a time-lapse of my work process. About 8 hours condensed to 9 minutes.

Meal Face Series: The Face Licker

Continue on the theme on adding faces and or human traits to food items, I present Face Licker. He always finds himself influx between blueberry-algae and sweet astro-orange Tang.

This little guy loves to hang out at Full Tilt Cream in Ballard. When he is not asking his handler to shove more quarters into the pinball machines or the Japanese import Street Fighter arcade, he is up at the ice cream counter asking for more than his fair share of samples.

Face Licker

Couch to "your" first 5K mixes // The Complete Set

Lord knows that all of us desk jockeys could use some more exercise. Here is 9 weeks of mixes with all the stage notifications included in the mixes. Each mix has its own page with the structure of that week's run with tracklistings and download links for the music and album art. Fair warning, these mixes were made for my wife so the music as been tailored for her ears' tastebuds. If you are feeling adventurous, download the mixes and get started to your first 5K…and hopefully beyond.

An exercise with minimalist elements.

Taking a simple script and breathing life into the meanings behind the words with a simple square. This was a fun exercise to give a simple icon a sense of being and purpose.

I have always believe that good animation becomes great with good music and on-point sound design. I would say this is a good example of that.

Third Time's A Charm : Backgrounds

Here is a selection of the backgrounds that were produced for Third Time's A Charm short. I had so much fun creating the backgrounds, more fun than animating, shhhhhh. That is probably because the still image is a familiar place for me. I did this short so I could experience the whole process of creating an animated short and MAN did I love doing these backgrounds. Don't get my wrong, I LOVE animating; breathing life and "hopefully" personality into a drawing but the big surprise came from the joy I got from creating a mood and a setting in these backgrounds. After going through the production of this short, I now pay more attention to the backgrounds in cartoons and movies and how they strengthen the goals for a scene.

…and now you can see the backgrounds in context.

¡¡ Third Time's A Charm - A Short !!

2 years filled with many late nights and weekends has brought me to this point of sharing this bad-boy with the world. I started out not knowing what the hell I was doing and I did everything wrong in my approach to making this thing and it shows, haha. But you know what…in the immortal words of Walter Sobchak "Fuck it Dude,…." So I have released it with all its warts, wrinkled clothes and uncombed hair. Hopefully you will enjoy it and thanks for taking 3 mins out of your day to check it out.

On to the next one!

Thermos graphics

Look at this design. Are you going to put some hot soup or some cold spaghetti in this bad boy? It doesn't matter, this will keep what is hot, hot and what is cold, cold. Great fucken design, so fun. I noticed the forks when I took the photo but it was my wife that told me about the spoons.

DIY SoundBooth

This is how I roll! Actually this is rather fancy for what I thought I was going to have at my disposal. It is amazing what you can make with some C-Stands and moving blankets. Many thanks for the idea, Mr. Caleb.

2015-01-31 21.04.26_Compressed.jpg
  A quilt from my Uncle Steve, added a level of home-ness to the sound recording sessions  .

A quilt from my Uncle Steve, added a level of home-ness to the sound recording sessions.

We have Picture Lock!

Holy Moly, we have Picture Lock on this little short that just won't quit!!! Pete is so excited about this that he left his crotch over there.

 He left his crotch in El Segundo.

He left his crotch in El Segundo.

Now it is on to music and sound design. Two parts of the process I have never done before. Hopefully it won't take another 2 years to finish that.

Sweet lordy these side-projects take a long time to finish.

I salute you, Miles Worthington.

Loaded had an intern this summer. That intern was Miles Worthington and can that guy animate. He single handedly took my lonely-flailing-side-project-of-a-short by the tail and shook out the many, many unanimated scenes and breathed life into to them. Offhand I don't know how many scenes he cranked out other than a shit-ton. My little short went from being about 50% animated to just over 97% animated in the span of a few months. He is a guy that loves to animate and it shows. I salute you, Miles and thank you so much for all your work. Hopefully the end result will merit the hard work you put into it.

Many thanks Miles!